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SolutionMandates 360


Mandates 360

End-to-end Mandates Management System for all internal and external mandates

Mandates Management System (MND) is an end-to-end government mandates management platform that enables governmental agencies to effectively register, assign, delegate, manage, track, and monitor the internal and external mandates across different stakeholders and entities.

Hundreds of government mandates are issued on daily basis. Agile governmental agencies make sure that all of their internal as well as external mandates are assigned, implemented, tracked and closed in order to meet the national vision 2030.


Key Features

  • Receive Mandate Correspondences
  • Creation of New Mandate
  • Linking with an Existing Mandate
  • Mandate’s Feasibility
  • Request Extension of Mandate
  • Link Mandates to Projects
  • Correspondences Management
  • Roles Assignment & Delegation
  • VRO Representation Management
  • Mandates Feedback Management
  • Follow-up, Notification & Escalation
  • Mandate Closure

  • Smooth Integration with Strategy System, Committees System, and EPM System
  • Priorities Management
  • Tasks Management
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Documents Upload
  • Notification Center with Actions
  • Central Repository for Mandates Assets
  • Fully-customized UI, UX
  • Powerful Dashboard & Analytics
  • Arabic & English Platform
  • Insights for the Minister Office

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