Mazeed offers various type of services include online and mobile marketing consultancy as well as advertising solutions. Our strategy is to get clients to own their customers by providing presence and interaction on web and mobile, our focal points are ...

Messaging Solutions

Approach your potential customers through text and multimedia messages: SMS, MMS, PCM inserts.

Design & Developement

Offer quality Design & Developement to your customers on different platforms .

Social Media & Ads

Ads placed on various websites including Facebook, Linkedin, Google network.

HR & Recruitment

Head Hunting, Hire for you the Top-Notch talents in their specialty, we call it "Kafa'at".

Mazeed Services

  • Head Hunting “ Hire for you the Top-Notch talents in their specialty” كفاءات
  • Business Process Outsourcing “Recruitment, Online Marketing, Art/Design, Offshore Software Development”
  • Content Management Services “Gather, Build, Manage, and Publish the proper content on behalf of our Customers”
  • Messaging Services Operation Center or at Customer Site.

Mazeed Solutions

  • Custom Messaging Solutions for...
    • Government / Public Sector
    • Financial Sector” Banking, Insurance Companies.
    • Retail
    • Courier / Postal Service Providers
  • 2 Way Messaging
  • IVR
  • Reseller Messaging Platform
  • Digital Advertising “Mobile, Social, Location Based Services”

Digital Mobile Marketing & Advertising

With mobile phones becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, the uses of these sophisticated devices has substantially increased and have entered into realms that go way beyond speech and text messages.
Aiming to further explore and enhance the powers of mobile devices, ARPU+ has utilized mobiles as a medium to advertise, interact, promote and service end-users better.

Why Mobile Advertising

  • Instant feedback from your customers
  • Always on
  • High Reach
  • Very personal
  • On going relation

The power of targeting...

  • Mobile advertising is the only medium where the target is 100% reachable
  • In depth reporting and accountability
  • Precise targeting
  • Engaging communications

Mazeed Products

  • Messaging Gateways
  • Messaging Portals
  • Messaging API’s
  • Messaging Apps
  • Short Codes

  • The Designer “Digital Publishing Platform”
  • Mobile Subscription Services “ Alerting & Notification”
  • Push Messaging Services “ Content, News, infotainment”
  • Islamic Content Portal
  • Islamic Greeting App
  • M-Greeting Portal
  • Greeting App